Extra 330 57" V2 -M044

Wing span:57"/1148mm;       

Wing area: 45.3sq.dm; 


Flying weight:2080g—2100g;   

Radio:4channels 4servos;     

Recommend Electronic Accessories :

Motor: DUALSKY XM5050EA_8(530kv) /XM4255EA-5(710KV)

Servo: Hitec  HS-5245HB


Battery:20C 3300mAh 4S  

Prop:APC 15*8

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Extra 330 57" V2 

sku: M044

Oracover film              

Carbon fiber langing gear and tail wheel piece,             

carbon fiber main tube,  

Aerofoil stabilizer                

Fuselage with carbon fiber              

inclued PC spinner.